Chase Kimball, VP and General Counsel

Richard Stringham TSO CFO

Chase has been a trial attorney since he graduated from law school in 1986. His practice has focused on a broad range of litigation - Chase has tried matters in Utah State, United States Federal District Court, and before various administrative agencies. His extensive experience is a valuable resource in determining both substantive and procedural strategies in contested matters.

One thing that is not contested, however, is Chase’s willingness to be ‘hands on’ with TSO’s visionary problem-solver team and ‘hard-hat-on’ as he attends demos and exhibition events traversing the country, from coast to coast, all in a day’s work of General Counsel.

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Chase Kimball participated in The Security Oracle’s first major milestone event as booth exhibitor during PowerGrid Resilience Summit and has been guiding the team through legal mazes for more than seven years.

Chase Kimball wears many hats -- a great honor recently bestowed upon Mr. Kimball is that of being appointed Chair of the Executive Board of the Bachauer Foundation

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