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The Security Oracle’s disruptive robotic solution, Robots on the Rails® and RCADS®, Remotely Controlled Active Defense and Denial System software can operate with or without human in the loop and backed by a human eye in the control center.

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  • Robots on the Rails® Slideset
  • Robots on the Rails® Slideset
  • Robots on the Rails® Slideset
Robots on the Rails® ruggedized high resolution camera with pan-tilt zoom capability and a remote controlled searchlight produces a light beam capable of reaching miles out are integrated via TSO’s artificial intelligence to create a security appliance that offers the following capabilities for advanced railroad network controls and improve resiliency:

  • Critical Corridor Monitoring
  • Critical Bridge and Tunnel monitoring
  • Catenary/Traction Power monitoring – hot spots or equipment malfunction
  • Critical Siding or Switch monitoring – proper operation, blocked crossings or security at key locations
  • Monitoring of potential Right of Way Fire/Damage at historical high-risk fire locations on certain corridors

Robots on the Rails® - Threat on Railways Early Alert System

Robots on the Rails® is capable of thermal fire detection for 360 degree coverage within the 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) distance range of the camera; the searchlight will enhance smoke detection in the dark

  • Detection of human or vehicle activity (while ignoring nearly all animal movement) within the range of the thermal camera, color camera enhanced by the spotlight in the dark
  • Triggered exception reporting to remote central office via secure wireless video communications
  • Facilitates rail system alarm troubleshooting by pinpointing potential problem areas
  • Built-in Trusted Platform Module to keep video data secure for forensic evidence

Robots on the Rails® can detect miles out, 24 / 7 / 365.

Robots on the Rails® can ‘see’ at night.

These Robots are currently deployed protecting lives and critical infrastructure.

The Security Oracle is Changing the World of Security Using 21st Century Artificial Intelligence Driven Platforms, including Robots on the Rails® - Threat on Railways Early Alert System

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