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Strategic Innovation Master Planning for Living Everyday!

The Security Oracle delivers Tip of the Spear Offerings: Introducing Smart Cities made SIMPLE™--Strategic Innovation Master Planning for Living Everyday.

Smart City planners and decision makers are being inundated with a tsunami of data and technology solution choices presented to them, creating a daunting and complex undertaking

How does a city future proof itself so that as new and better technology becomes available it can be quickly and easily adopted into its ecosystem of IOT?

Cities already have immense investments in legacy automation systems that can be strategically integrated as a result of the Master Planning process.

The Security Oracle’s AI engine, aka the Intelligent Coordinator™ is the glue that binds together the technological building blocks of today’s and tomorrow’s Smart and Safe City, bringing the smart technology alive…harvesting its latent capability…strategically releasing the full power of existing and new technology, innovatively adapting the new technology to future-proof your city…

The Security Oracle’s Intelligent Coordinator™ performs two functions. The first is multi-sensor fusion to achieve situational awareness and the second is multi-task fusion to achieve situational response. It is the data maestro that can handle a city’s data tsunami.

Smart Cities Made SIMPLE™Strategic Innovation Master Planning for Living Everyday!