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Robotics Is The New Technological Revolution

Robots in the Sky Driven by Little Black Box FUTURISTIC TechnologyImagine, you’ve discovered the Holy Grail of Security that can solve Wicked Security Problems…AI that takes “hands-on” action to stop criminals in as few as 3 seconds, saving a massive number of lives and preserving wealth creating systems and property. With all other security solutions, too many people are dying or seriously injured because it often takes a human response more than 100 times longer (300 seconds or 5 minutes) to even arrive on scene and often much longer to stop the criminal behavior.

What if it’s affordable, provides very profitable subscription revenue, can provide unparalleled protection everywhere…and there’s only one true source--a unicorn Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) security defense offering based on our Pioneering Patents?

More Imagineering: Synergistic cross-pollination between The Security Oracle’s AI-driven Robotic Security Appliances and all those best-of-breed sensors on the market to satisfy the demand for *components necessary to integrate onboard the Robots replacing 84% of security guards.

Opportunity: “Amateurs talk strategy. [We] talk logistics.” (Thanks, General Omar Bradley!) — Our Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model is a logistical one and our AI does the heavy lifting, economizing and force-multiplying human effort. The annual US market for manned security guarding is $43B and according to an Oxford University study, 84% of security guards will be *replaced by automation. (Will “Security Guards” be Automated or Replaced By Robots?) Think about the global security market and TSO’s unfair advantage with our 10 pioneering patents and 163 trademarks in 35 countries on 4 continents. TSO Patents & Trademarks (

Robots on the Move® -- Robots on the Seas® -- Robots on the Rails® -- Robots in the Sky® -- RCADS®


We require further investment beyond our Crowd Funding campaign -- we will field our proven AI Robots on a recurring revenue basis, MaaS and RaaS, building out a fleet of our Robotic Security Appliances, demonstrating the efficacy of the lease/rental business model, and then financing our growth via appropriate means.

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