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TSO™ Delivers Actionable Intelligence™ Sensor System Grid Slider™ Sensor System Grid Slider™ is a sensor network system delivering actionable intelligence and reliably detects and localizes the source of gunfire ranging from small handguns to high caliber rifles.™  is designed to cover areas like retail centers, schools, office buildings, campuses, critical infrastructure and storage assets when combined with other sensors and actuators.

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Intelligent Auto-tracking

When integrated with Bosch MIC 7000s gunshots and other events can trigger auto-tracking functionality to follow a target. In an uncrowded scene, the shooter can be tracked automatically

Shots Fired ...

... System reports time-time stamped shooter location ...

... Cameras and systems are cued to the shot location ...

... Mobile notifications map shooter coordinates


  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Low Power Sensors (12 VDC I PoE)
  • Ethernet or wireless communications
  • Automated notifications
  • Camera cueing
  • Reports time, location, trajectory, and caliber
  • Resolves multiple shooters

System Specifications:

Size: 13 x 13 x 2.7cm (5.3 x 5.3 x 1in)
Power: 1 watt (PoE (802.3at) Or 5-48V DC)
Communications: Ethernet or wireless (802.15-4 PHY)
Mounts to standard low-voltage box

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