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Robots in the Sky®

The Security Oracle, Inc. presents our Robots in the Sky® with our patented Remotely Controlled Active Defense & Denial System (RCADS®) Technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) drives our market disrupting platform that forever revolutionizes physical security best practices. On the job 24/7/365, RCADS® delivers action at a distance to thwart the adversary prior to adversary success. Robots safely debilitate adversaries via a Safe, Non-Lethal Escalation-Of-Force continuum that overwhelms their senses of *sight, *sound and *touch.

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RCADS® uses Closed-Loop, Automated Reasoning to fuse data from a combination of sensors (e.g., radar, LiDAR, seismic, thermal, gunshot detection, cameras) and drive actuators that deliver non-lethal countermeasures (laser dazzler, Long Range Acoustical Devices, multi-million candle power flood, spot and strobe lights, etc.) all backed by the human eye in a monitoring station to identify, track, monitor and stop a would be thief or assailant.

Our Special Four Phased Process will give you peace of mind knowing your site is protected 24/7 along with saving money over conventional reactive, recovery and repair security services model.

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Robots in the Sky® System Features

  • RCADS® Technology by The Security Oracle: Our patented Intelligent Coordinator™ drives our series of integrated partnered platforms.

LRAD Long Range Acoustical Device®:

The loudest AHD to deliver a highly intelligible, long range live voice, early warning siren and a custom pre-recorded message to interdict suspicious persons who are approaching or attempting to enter the protected area. This normally results in safely changing behavior to resolve potentially dangerous situations before they happen.

Bosch MIC IP 7000 PTZ Cameras:

Full 360° rotation and 290° tilt control with a 30 x optical zoom with image stabilization in a weather proof Bullet Resistant housing.
A Highly Dynamic Range of 120db that provides detailed images of both bright and dark areas, and a starlight function for detailed color imagery in near total darkness.

  • Carlisle Finch Xenon Searchlights: Producing multi-million candle power flood/spot and strobe light beams to illuminate, identify and STOP a malevolent actor, assailant or thief.
  •™ Gunshot Detection System: The Security Oracle™ introduces™, a revolutionary artificial intelligence driven gunshot detection system.
    •   Can reconcile multiple shooters and calibers of weapons indoors and outdoors.
    •   U.S. made Gunshot Detection Technology that precisely determines azimuth, elevation and range.
    •   Only system that can drive multiple cameras simultaneously onto a shooter or multiple shooters.
  • Radar: Provides on the spot 360° perimeter and lot detection and protection.
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System: Maintains a continuous alarm detection that detects intrusion attempts over walls or fences.
  • Electronic Security Fencing: A state of the art multi-zoned intelligent intrusion detection electric Non-Lethal perimeter security system.
  • Monitoring and Support 24/7/365: Our Artificial Intelligence Robots do the hard work protecting your assets on site worldwide, while our RCADS® state of the art control center, backed by the human eye, is ready to assist in any type of situation 24/7/365.

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