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300 Seconds Video - School Security Solutions

Families around the globe awake each morning to a new day and go into the norm of a daily routine, Parents get ready for work as they get their children ready for school. They make sure they are ready and prepared for the day by going through the normal interaction of double checking to see if they forgot anything, what activity they have after school, what time and or who will pick them up, what time they will be home, dinner plans and the list goes on. Although we focus on and emphasize our children's safety and wellbeing, we take their safety at school for granted. With all the rules and safety regulations in place we figure all is good. But what we are totally unaware of is something happened to a fellow student that has pushed him beyond a breaking point and over the edge and is now developing a plan of death and destruction in the course of his day. You're packing a lunch--he’s loading a magazine, you get your books into your back pack -- he’s loading up weapons. Doesn’t make sense….doesn’t have to…. but it does to him. All hurry off to go about their daily schedule to arrive on time with at best an “I love you” or “have a great day” ...not realizing a disturbed person is about to end it for as many as possible--maybe ending his own life as well.

School shootings are on the rise and now a part of our history and a national concern. The majority of deaths happen in the first 5 minutes of a shooting and 72% of the shootings happen in the lunch room or common areas where the vulnerability and concentration of students is higher. Students and staff are for the most part soft targets and pose minimal to no threat to a shooter, just as in the tragic School shooting in Parkland, Florida, 17 innocent people lost their lives and 15 innocent people were injured due to a deranged gunman who even pulled the fire alarm in an attempt to get the students out of the classrooms and into the hallway to increase his body count. A gunman holds a tri-factor upper hand with a well orchestrated plan in place…. He’s calculated and generally has the inside information of how the system works to include lock down protocols and what they do in the event of an emergency. He also holds the element of surprise and has an estimated response time of Law Enforcement. This is all factored into his dark reign of terror ready to unfold, giving him plenty of trigger time to add up casualties and kill as many as possible. Remember most of the casualties and deaths happen within the first 5 minutes. Law Enforcement does their best to respond as quickly as possible, but according to The Department of Homeland Security, a school shooting last an average of 12.5 minutes with an average response time of 18 minutes.

Fortunately, we live in a time of great technological improvements where military grade Artificial Intelligence has been harnessed to resolve this violent plague on our school children. This proven artificial intelligence based technology identifies and almost instantly STOPS the shooter in their tracks. The Security Oracle has developed a Patented Non-Lethal Robotic Defense Platform that is designed to intervene and engage a shooter or multiple shooters in Seconds, both safely debilitating the shooters and creating a diversion to assist students and faculty with additional time to escape. It is Non-Lethal but very effective, and can even be used to assist law enforcement or security to safely take the shooter into custody.

Other gunshot detection systems in the market just detect, locate, verify, send out alerts and some initialize lock downs of the building. The Security Oracle’s Patented Robotic Defense Platform is a first of its kind, and a powerful, safe First line of Defense Security Appliance, that is ready 24/7/365, and is the only Robotic Defense Platform on the market that physically engages the shooter or shooters on the spot in seconds, delivering intense non-lethal sound waves and light beams. RDP is a force multiplier to assist law enforcement in providing temporary protection and delivering real time shooter information while help is on the way.

In the event of a shot fired, The Security Oracle’s gunshot defense system -- -- reads the subsonic muzzle blast even if a sound suppressor or silencer is used. In seconds, reports the shooters’ exact location by calculating the azimuth, elevation, and range or distance to the weapon. The Artificial Intelligence or AI then communicates this information and coordinates a security response that is customized to handle that specific attack. The Short Range Radar tracks the shooter as our system engages the shooter immediately by targeting an 80 Million Candle Power Strobe onto the shooter, making it difficult for the shooter to see well for up to a few minutes. At the same time the Long Range Acoustical Device pounds the shooter with a directed cone of sound at up to 156 decibels causing complete sensory overload and confusion of the shooter(s). When in the directed sound cone all you can do is to plug your ears with your fingers and move away which neutralizes the shooter, stopping his attack on students and faculty because it is extremely unlikely he is still able to pull the trigger or even hold on to the weapon. Its Non-Lethal and safe while extremely painful for the time exposed with no long term effects. Ear plugs or noise cancelling devices offer little to no pain reduction as the sound penetrates through the skull into the inner ear bone structure. Cameras are zoom in on the exact location of the shooter(s) and send short video clips along with the floor plan marked with the shooter’s location to faculty and responding law enforcement. This video provides real time information and provides complete forensic level identification, number of shooters and general type of weapons used. This information is immediately distributed for mass notification to the security control and monitoring center, staff and local law enforcement while en-route. Upon arrival law enforcement will know where and who to look for while the gunshot tracking shown on the graphical interface map provides last shot fired and the shooter’s pattern through the building, giving law enforcement a more direct route to the shooter for quicker intervention, apprehension and officer safety.

TSO’s Artificial Intelligence is a very open platform that affords a path to integrate all your current security and emergency management systems, making it a more efficient and scalable from a basic first shot fired defense system that gives interior hallway and lunchroom shooter engagement coverage.

A more comprehensive system can integrate the use of student and faculty ID’s in tandem with facial recognition and an ID card door access entry system. This system is designed for electronic door locking and unlocking and is useful for monitoring and logging student attendance. In the event of a shooter situation the AI would initiate pre-approved lock-down procedures and two way room communications while providing electronically controlled physical barriers between the students and staff and the shooter to provide the safest evacuation route away from the shooter when and if possible or to advise sheltering in place. If more shooters are discovered in different locations, the Artificial intelligence uses the information from the gunshot detection system, video surveillance, radar, etc., to configure an up-to-the-second tailor-made evacuation execution plan, then initiate the evacuation system, which can change (or dynamically reconfigure) the evacuation paths on-the-fly without the need for human intervention.

Two-way Remote Communication via a special SMS texting program is available so that faculty and students can report to the off-site security monitoring center who will convey critical information to law enforcement and faculty as it develops.

ADA compliant metal detectors and turnstiles systems with back pack scanning can be deployed for interior or exterior applications for maximum school entry protection. This eliminates the likeliness of a weapon and ammunition entering the school. Even in the event of a plastic gun ammunition would set off an alarm and lock the turnstile. Anti-piggybacking features in the turnstiles prevent two persons attempting to go through at once, locking the turnstile from opening.

While every situation and security concern is different, TSO’s Robotic Defense Platform is completely adaptable and scalable to meet your specific security concerns and budget. Contact us today to have our security experts sit down with you and design a custom tailored system to give you the best coverage and control in the event of an emergency.

When every second counts in saving a life… contact The Security Oracle to get a security system that can actually STOP an attack in a few seconds!