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The Security Oracle exists to solve the wicked problems of not being able to stop a crime *OR* mitigate a threat, such as critical infrastructure sabotage, active shooter, or wildfire, just before or as it starts to happen and to manage the overwhelming flood of sensor data, “Data Tsunami.”  Everything we do is to challenge the status quo of best security practices that don’t actually protect against attack *OR* mitigate threats. 

We know in our gut that even with the current best security practices commonly available, attacks and threats to public safety still happen, typically leaving an incident to become a recovery and forensics exercise.  So we found a way, by using an AI automated reasoning engine, Intelligent Coordinator™, our Data Maestro,  to close the response time gap and get control of the Data Tsunami by transforming a corporate security system from a disparate bolt-on package to an infrastructure-wide purpose built security appliance that solves wicked problems.  

The Security Oracle is a visionary design, build, master-integrator custom solutions provider. We deliver Artificial Intelligence driven platforms as new best practices. Our overarching principal is to secure the nation’s critical infrastructure by delivering survivable, dynamically re-configurable protection systems.

Our staff members are recognized experts in securing critical infrastructures for: electric power, chemical manufacturing, communications systems, water and wastewater, pipelines (e.g., water, gas, petroleum products, and hazardous chemicals), systems controls and data acquisition (SCADA) Infrastructure, high value critical technology, and one of a kind assets like those associated with fossil fuel fracking operations and processes.

Our team:

  1. Identifies wicked security problems challenging organizations and
  2. Designs, delivers and deploys solutions and solves wicked problems.

Vontella ‘Kay’ Kimball, Founder and President

TSO Founder and President, Vontella ‘Kay’ KimballThe Security Oracle is a Women Led Team Founded to be a Catalyst for Change in Public Safety and Homeland Security.

As a Founder and President, Vontella ‘Kay’ Kimball is a visionary and goal oriented problem solver and team builder, with demonstrated success growing a start-up using the revolutionary Business Model Canvas. Personal mission to prove Carmine Gallo’s theorem: “Ideas, effectively packaged and delivered, can change the world.” 

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Charles L Butler, CEO

Charles L Butler, TSO CEOCharles is a former Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Security Committee member, with several years managing an electric power corporate physical security and critical infrastructure protection program. A primary focus was force-multiplying security and operations staff with integrated smart security technology, while achieving improved protective effectiveness.

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Timothy Z Cole

Timothy Z ColeTim has 41 years of electric utility operations engineering and senior management, energy regulatory compliance, audit, transmission real-time operations, business continuity, change and configuration management, security policy design and development, process control and continuous improvement. Tim was a major contributor to the NERC 2003 Blackout investigation and root cause analyses of other major disturbance events in the ERCOT, PJM, MISO, SPP regions.

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Dr. Samuel M. Smith

Dr Samuel SmithThe Security Oracle’s (TSO’s) chief technology advisor and a ground floor owner is Dr. Samuel M. Smith; who received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University in 1991. Dr. Smith invested a decade in academia at Florida Atlantic University, attaining full professor status. He has over 100 refereed publications in the areas of automated reasoning. Dr. Smith and TSO’s CEO Charles L. Butler, Jr. developed what, in retrospect, may be viewed as a first in master planning for a Smart/Safe and Survivable “City” in their visionary work with Miami Dade County in 2005-2006.

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Richard Stringham

Richard Stringham TSO CFO

Richard is an accounting professional who uses communication skills to present financial and management information in the appropriate reports. By asking targeted questions and strategically probing for valuable information; knowledge and appropriate reporting systems are developed.

"Strategic thinking skills enable the professional to gather both financial and non-financial data, knowledge and insight to provide quality information required for managerial decisions."

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Specialized Training and Certifications

Our expert staff has specialized training & certifications:

  • Sandia National Laboratories Risk Assessment Methodology (RAM) Certifications:
  • RAM-C (Communities – Facilities) 2005 Train the Trainer
  • RAM-CF (Chemical Facilities) 2005 Train the Trainer
  • RAM-W (Water Systems) 2003
  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP) – American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • USAF Air Base Ground Defense Leadership Academy
  • Nuclear Security Forces Commander
  • US Secret Service Executive Protection Training
  • Emergency (911) Communication Center Manager Certification



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