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James F Stanfield, Director and Special Assistant to the Chair

Richard Stringham TSO CFO

"LAKELAND | Times of crisis can produce a redeemer. To people who are most familiar with Lakeland Electric, General Manager Jim Stanfield has quietly rescued the utility.

Without Jim Stanfield, there may not still be a Lakeland Electric,” said George Lindsey, a developer who sits on the city’s Utility Committee. This is high praise because Lindsey, who has a utility background, has been critical of some Lakeland Electric policies."

September 6, 2009

The Security Oracle, Inc. similarly believes that without James Stanfield guiding them through the initial deployments of RCADS®, and OPERATION: Robots in the Sky®, our transformative hardware / software and services platforms may have been delayed years. The Security Oracle’s robotic appliances are currently protecting NERC CIP 014 Critical Infrastructure and recently marked a 5 year milestone on June 30th, 2021. James has been guiding our team for more than 7 years, beginning with filing a motion to intervene with FERC, on March 28, 2014, travelling to DC and presenting to FERC and EEI on June 17, 2014 below, and culminating in a 5 year routine inspection of Robots in the Sky® on June 18th, 2021.

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One of James most vital roles is that of coach and he successfully led The Security Oracle team through the implementation timelines of FERC Order 802, a new mandate and the impetus for Operation: Robots in the Sky®. These first-ever robotic appliances and technology upgrades were tested and inspected by NERC auditors on October 3, 2017, passing with high praise. Read about the winning efforts with Coach Stanfield here.

The following quotes are from The Lakeland Ledger article; “Official Credited With Saving Lakeland Electric”.

Thomas, the city manager, says Stanfield is an ideal leader. "He's steady," Thomas said. "At Lakeland Electric, he's the rudder."

State Rep. Seth McKeel, R­, Lakeland, a former city commissioner, knows Stanfield from the days the utility desperately needed a leader.

"I really believe Jim righted the ship," McKeel said. "People don't have an appreciation for how much money was saved.”

"He's a professional who is respected statewide. I hear that all the time from people in the utility business."

As a strategic move, The Security Oracle filed a ‘motion to intervene’ with FERC Order 802, on March 28, 2014. James Stanfield expertly guided the TSO launch in the first 30 days of TSO’s incorporation and continues delivering results for our team today. Download the article here

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