The Critical National Infrastructure Summit 2019

The Critical National Infrastructure Summit 2019 TSO's IC Multi-task Situational Response SystemThe Critical National Infrastructure Summit 2019 - TSO's IC multi sensor fusion situational awareness systemJune 24 - 26, 2019 in Washington DC

New Long-Range Wildfire Detection Appliance Using Radiometric Thermal Cameras. The Security Oracle has designed, delivered and deployed for live and remote on-site testing a *NEW* Purpose Built Appliance--Power Line Early Alert System--(PLEAS™), that can detect, in real time, hotspots and vegetation encroachment in transmission and delivery ROWs. We completed our second tour of California Power Utilities in May demonstrating PLEAS™, and then again at the Critical Infrastructure Summit exhibition in Washington, DC where TSO was a featured speaker / workshop leader.

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2018 Secure Rail Conference

Robots on Rails - TREAS RailwayRobots on the Rails® and TREAS™ - Threat on Railways Early Alert System

April 24-25, 2018
Orlando, FL.

The Security Oracle is Changing the World of Security Using 21st Century Artificial Intelligence Driven Platforms.

The 21st Century has born a new age of terror, facing world wide threats.

The Security Oracle Began with an idea: use proven non lethal, defense technologies, and integrate them on a platform, driven by our AI software, aka Intelligent Coordinator™.

The Security Oracle’s disruptive robotic solution, Robots on the Rails® and TREAS™,Threat on RailwaysEarly Alert System, and RCADS®, Remotely Controlled Active Defense and Denial System software can operate with or without human in the loop and backed by a human eye in the control center.

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