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Robots on the Move® - Mobile Robotic Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Driven Active Defense System

  • The Security Oracle Coming Soon to Trending Today on Fox Business News
  • The Security Oracle Coming Soon to Trending Today on Fox Business News

The Security Oracle’s Remotely Controlled Active Defense & Denial System (RCADS®) is a scalable, patented*, physical security artificial intelligence (AI) appliance that protects people, along with automotive and construction equipment assets. TSO promotes defense-in-depth best practices for protecting critical assets and transforms physical security from passive detection to real-time situational awareness and accelerated response to demobilize intruders with distractionary actuators, including directed high intensity sound with multiple-language warnings, ultra-bright spotlights and strobes.

RCADS® and Robots on the Move® - Key Security Elements

TSO’s RCADS® uses Closed-Loop, Automated Reasoning AI to fuse data from a combination of standard and optional sensors (for example: 3-D radar, LiDAR, seismic, thermal, gunshot detection, cameras, biometric, facial recognition, glass break, video analytics, access control, alarm management) and drives pan-and-tilt-actuators that deliver distractionary counter measures (light and sound) to automatically DETECT-ENGAGE-NEUTRALIZE™ would-be thieves and vandals.

* The Security Oracle’s purpose-built artificial intelligence (AI) driven appliances are patented in the USA, European Union, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada. Click here for information on how to purchase our Robots on the Move® appliances. 

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