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Robotics is the New Technological Revolution

In the past five years, our 5 deployments of RCADS®, aka Robots in the Sky®, as game-changer appliances, have over 200,000 hours of operational excellence and amazing uptime.

“If you don’t have a strategy, you’re part of someone else’s strategy.” Alvin Toffler

  • The Security Oracle Coming Soon to Trending Today on Fox Business News
  • The Security Oracle Coming Soon to Trending Today on Fox Business News

What if There Was An Autonomous Robot Technology…?

One of the most urgent, and important, problems we need to solve in America today is violent crime and attacks on our critical infrastructure. In an active shooting situation, the best average response time for a human is at least five 5 minutes or 300 seconds, and unfortunately, 70% of lives are lost during that initial 300 seconds. We call this the Wicked Problem.

If you could make a difference, would you? Click here to become part of the Solution.What if there was an autonomous robot technology that could stop active shooters, and other criminals, in as little as three seconds, 100x faster than human means, and save those 70% of lost lives in the first 300 seconds of an attack?

Whether it's an active shooter, someone breaking into an electric power substation to take down the power grid, or even vandals who break out storefronts, The Security Oracle’s artificial intelligence Robots can save the day in a fraction of the time of current security and police forces. This keeps critical infrastructure online and saves precious lives. We believe we are solving the wicked problem.

Our technology does this by deploying non-lethal, non-permanent blinding lights and disorienting sounds to stun and confuse potential attackers and criminals at close range or even long distance to gain critical time for security and law enforcement to respond in person.

We are experts in the security and artificial intelligence spaces, and have combined leading-edge security components into our robots, creating and deploying what we believe are some of the world’s most advanced security technologies.

Our security robots have protected our power grid from attack for more than five years, operating for over 200,000 hours, with amazing uptime performance.

AND we've generated over $3 million in lifetime revenue.

Our security robots have helped...

  • Law enforcement stop potential criminal activity.
  • Engage and drive away intruders attempting to break into critical infrastructure with our safe, long-range nonlethal technologies.
  • Stop a fire from spreading in a high-density community.
  • And make neighborhoods safer.

Now it's time to expand our sales and grow. 

The many security and law enforcement professionals who have experienced our products in action, along with many people from all walks of life, believe this is where the future of security is going.

It is NOT too late for Accredited Investors to INVEST in TSO’s AI Security Robots. Another Crowd Funding Campaign may be launched soon – until then, serious investors may contact Charles L Butler  or 1-844-ROBOT4U.