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Vontella ‘Kay’ Kimball, Founder and President

TSO Founder and President, Vontella ‘Kay’ KimballThe Security Oracle is a Visionary Team Founded to be a Catalyst for Change in Public Safety and Homeland Security.

As a Founder and President, Vontella ‘Kay’ Kimball is a visionary and goal oriented problem solver and team builder, with demonstrated success growing a start-up using the revolutionary Business Model Canvas. Personal mission to prove Carmine Gallo’s theorem as written in Talk Like TED, “Ideas, effectively packaged and delivered, can change the world.” 

The Security Oracle, Inc. has engineered a first of its kind, artificial intelligence driven solution that “Delivers action at a distance to thwart the adversary prior to adversary success.”  Kay is co-inventor on TSO’s ‘Defense and Denial Method and System’, which is patented in the USA, European Union, Japan, Hong Kong and Canada.. Kay has also trademarked Robots in the Sky®, Robots on the Move®, Robots on the Rails® and Robots on the Seas®, RCADS® and Mobile RCADS® and many others around the globe in more than 30 countries.

Together, the TSO TEAM is Changing the World of Security, One Robotic Defense Platform at a Time.

The Security Oracle is Solving Wicked Problems of Active Shooters and Threats Against Critical Infrastructure, Assets and People Around the Globe.
As the President, Kay’s most important role is to keep the TSO TEAM working in perfect harmony and follows the example of Andrew Carnegie in his life long achievement of working as a master mind alliance leader. 

In this way Kay works with the revolutionary TSO TEAM, including the Wizard of Security ORacle (Anna Wang) a highly distinguished Polymath (Dr. Samuel Smith) and a Visionary Problem Solver (Charles L. Butler, Jr.) and every team needs a Winning Coach, so cue Tim Z. Cole for his leadership as TSO’s team coach, and James F Stanfield as the security industry coach.

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  • Vontella "Kay" Kimball 1
  • Vontella "Kay" Kimball 1
  • Vontella "Kay" Kimball 1
  • Vontella "Kay" Kimball 1
  • Vontella "Kay" Kimball 1
  • Vontella "Kay" Kimball 1

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