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March 6, 2020

IC multi sensor fusion for situational awarenessIC multi task fusion for situational response

The Security Oracle, Inc. is granted another patent from one of the robotics capitals of the world, JAPAN.

The Security Oracle’s purpose-built artificial intelligence (AI) driven appliances* are now patented in both the European Union and Japan, with a US patent pending.

Abstract (en)

[origin: US2015347902A1] The presently disclosed method and system includes a network of computer devices, sensors, and actuators operating in concert with application software to actively detect, identify, and localize threats and generate real-time countermeasures designed to delay and/or mitigate damage that may be caused by the threats. Application software, in the form of automated reasoning and logic control, initiates preparatory and countermeasure sequences automatically, which may be used by users or automatically executed by the system to at least delay an attack to a physical asset/area by adversaries with use of non-lethal actuators. Learned scenarios are generated and continuously adapted via feedback loops and decision rules to provide preparatory and countermeasure sequences that maximize results with minimal expenditure of assets.

*Remotely Controlled Active Defense and Denial System, RCADS® technology, drives our family of appliances Robots in the Sky®, Robots on the Move®, Robots on the Rails®, Robots on the Seas®, and Robots on the Rafters™

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