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November 1 – December 31, 2019

The Security Oracle RCADS™ with Counter Drone OptionsCross Country Tour of The Security Oracle’s purpose built appliance, Mobile RCADS® and Robots on the Move®.

TSO’s RCADS® uses Closed-Loop, Automated Reasoning AI to fuse data from a combination of standard and optional sensors (for example: 3-D radar, LiDAR, seismic, thermal, gunshot detection, cameras, biometric, facial recognition, glass break, video analytics, access control, alarm management) and drives pan-and-tilt-actuators that deliver distractionary counter measures (light and sound) to automatically DETECT-ENGAGE-NEUTRALIZE™ would-be thieves and vandals.


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Protective Game Changer Securing Your People, Assets and Critical Infrastructure

Only AI Driven Active Defense System – STOP IT BEFORE IT HAPPENS!!

  • Professional AI Monitoring Available.Remote video monitoring centers are The Security Oracle’s surveillance monitoring partners, having three (3) years of unique end-to-end experience in RCADS® AI monitoring and support. Robots’ live video can be transmitted to the secure video monitoring center. Trained RCADS® technicians make educated decisions based on viewed activity and customer parameters. Monitoring personnel watch over RCADS® as it is driving the thieves and vandals off the property. If ever needed, the monitoring security officer can put RCADS® into manual mode and control it. Private security patrols, law enforcement, or customer contacts are immediately notified for effective response to each situation.

  • Customers in Full Control of RCADS® AI. The Security Oracle's (TSO) disruptive, patented artificial intelligence solution empowers owners with the only AI that dynamically reconfigures safe active defense and emergency communications in sub-second response time to adapt to changing security threats and comply with all applicable legal, safety and customer security requirements

  • Training. TSO trains customers in quick system set up. TSO techs will be available to assist remotely with on-the-spot setup if the robot is moved.

  • TSO tech provides tiered support, including administration, event escalation, logging and maintenance to ensure software integrity and authenticity.

  • Threat Prioritization. TSO’s AI (Intelligent Coordinator™) is the “brain” of the robot and enables the robots to know who presents the highest threat and to engage them with countermeasures and neutralize their activity first, followed by the next threat and so on, working down to the last threat. All automatically, with a human-in-the-loop watching and notifying authorities.

  • TSO’s AI (Intelligent Coordinator™) enables the robots to filter nuisance alarms from situational awareness alarms and empowers operators with actionable intelligence.

  • TSO’s RCADS® consulting significantly enhances our clients’ capabilities for risk management by providing them with the tools and capabilities to identify, assess and prioritize, develop response plans, monitor and report risk; enabling asset owners to achieve success protecting their assets beyond their expectations.

  • RCADS® options include a scalable exterior and interior gunshot detection system,, that can pinpoint location(s) within a defined radius, number of shots fired, bullet trajectories and often calibers of weapons used in single or multiple simultaneous gunshot incidents; and discriminate false reports from real gunshot incidents to provide real-time actionable intelligence for law enforcement to respond accordingly.

  • Environmentally Hardened. RCADS® components are selected for long term survivability in extreme hot and cold climates, including desert and marine environments. TSO’s Robots in the Sky® have been deployed for three (3) years protecting electric power sites and have an astoundingly successful MTTR rate.

  • RCADS®, mobile RCADS® and Intelligent Coordinator™ are best-of-breed integrated solutions, protecting reliable operation of your assets while reducing the costs of labor-intensive processes - making security investments resilient!

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