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September 1 - 3, 2015

090115 TSO booth1 verticals served SanDiego rollout b th090115 TSO booth2 verticals served SanDiego rollout a thPower Grid Resilience Summit

The Security Oracle is 3 for 3 with our presence at the 3rd Power Grid Resilience Summit in San Diego. This marks the 3rd time TSO has co-exhibited with teaming partner, Bosch, or worked closely with co-located booths.

Check out the MIC IP 7000 HD Camera at the 2015 Power Grid Resilience Summit (

At the 2015 Power Grid Resilience Summit, September 1-3 in San Diego, The Security Oracle, Inc. (TSO), will display a MIC IP 7000 HD ruggedized PTZ camera as a part of a suite of technology that comprises its Remotely Controlled Active Defense and Denial System (RCADS®).