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September 5, 2014

Bosch gives TSO presser for RCADS® featuring the ruggedized Bosch MIC7000.

MIC IP dynamic 7000 HD on display at 2014 Power Grid Resilience Summit At the 2014 Power Grid Resilience Summit, September 8-10 in San Francisco, Security consultancy, The Security Oracle, Inc. (TSO), will display a MIC IP dynamic 7000 HD ruggedized PTZ camera from Bosch as a part of a suite of technology that comprises its Remote Control Active Denial System (RCADS).

In June 2014, TSO presented this scalable, turnkey Non-Lethal Threat-Based Systems Approach to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and Edison Electric Institute (EEI) in Washington, DC. “RCADS is a force-multiplying system that enables grid-connected owners and operators to effectively and affordably comply with NERC CIP 014,” says Charles Butler, CPP, CEO, TSO, Inc., and former EEI Security Committee Member. “This Threat-Based Systems Approach transforms current passive grid security into an affordable active denial physical protection system that will ‘Protect Against Attacks’ as required.”

When a threat is detected, RCADS can be used to remotely intercept and overpower an adversary from the safety of a security operations center prior to any significant damage occurring to site infrastructure. As a result, local law enforcement or security forces will have far more time to respond and successfully interdict the adversary. “The MIC IP dynamic 7000 HD ruggedized PTZ was specifically selected due to its exceptionally quick and pin-point accurate slew-to-cue and long range visual target acquisition capabilities,” said Lloyd Uliana, Business Development Engineer for Bosch. “Its extensive use in extreme operational environments, and its pending cryptographically-secure mechanisms that meet Federal cybersecurity mandates ensure that the MIC IP dynamic 7000 HD is the ideal imaging platform for the protection of critical infrastructure in high risk environments.”