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August 21, 2019

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The Security Oracle, Inc. is granted a Defense and Denial Method and System patent from the European Union, including many robotics focused countries.

The Security Oracle’s purpose-built artificial intelligence (AI) driven appliances* are now patented in the EU, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada and patent pending in the US.

The Security Oracle receives “Intent to Issue” Methods and Process Patent from European Union.

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June 24 – 26, 2019

The Critical National Infrastructure Summit 2019 TSO's IC Multi-task Situational Response System The Critical National Infrastructure Summit 2019 in Washington, DC.

New Long-Range Wildfire Detection Appliance Using Radiometric Thermal Cameras. The Security Oracle has designed, delivered and deployed for live and remote on-site testing a *NEW* Purpose Built Appliance--Power Line Early Alert System--(PLEAS™), that can detect, in real time, hotspots and vegetation encroachment in transmission and delivery ROWs. We completed our second tour of California Power Utilities in May demonstrating PLEAS™, and then again at the Critical Infrastructure Summit exhibition in Washington, DC where TSO was a featured speaker / workshop leader.

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August, 2018

PLEAS™ BulletinThe Security Oracle collaborates with our partners to manufacture our first-ever PLEAS™ fixed and mobile units with a schedule for roll out and deployment during California Fire Chiefs Meetings in November.  PLEAS™, Power Line Early Alert System is an AI driven robotic Safety Appliance that alerts on an early wildfire, providing early WILDFIRE DETECTION and enables early WILDFIRE MITIGATION.

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July 11, 2018

Robots on the Move® to DallasThe Security Oracle travels to Dallas TX area to discuss MOU and potential Teaming Agreement with a multi-billion dollar *robotics* manufacturing company and introduced our newest purpose-built appliance Robots on the Move®.

June 11, 2018

061118 Before TSO Intelligent CoordinatorThe Security Oracle discusses with major Utilities the efficacy of our patent pending robotic brain at the core of our AI driven platforms:  Robots in the Sky®; Robots on the Move® and PLEAS™, Power Line Early Alert System.  Using our “Before” and “After” Intelligent Coordinator™ Brand Images we convey to Security Directors an optimism that they can greatly reduce nuisance alarms and operator fatigue.

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May 3, 2018

050318 TUSCO Booth2018 Perimeter, Security Technology and Facilities Protection Expo.

May 3, 2018
Birmingham, AL

The Security Oracle staffed a booth at the Tusco Perimeter Solutions Event in Birmingham where we were able to display, explain and demonstrate our AI driven security appliance aka Robots in the Sky® with RCADS® technology to large utility and security directors from around the nation.

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April 5 – October 19, 2018

Robots on the Seas™Robots on the SeasThe Security Oracle, Inc. receives registrations of ROBOTS IN THE SKY®, ROBOTS ON THE MOVE®, ROBOTS ON THE SEAS®, ROBOTS ON THE RAILS® AND RCADS® from the European Union and Japan and multiple registrations in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Chile, for Class 9 Goods / Products and Class 42 Services.

Images are notional maritime applications *from actual* critical infrastructure deployments commissioned in 2016

March 26, 2018

Charles L Butler kicks off the 7th Annual Power Resilience conference Chicago, ILCharles L Butler Kicks Off the 7th Annual Power Grid Resilience, Chicago

The TSO exhibit booth, at the 7th Annual Power Grid Resilience Summit in Chicago, was designed to emulate a control center.  We had Bosch, LRAD, Carlisle & Finch, PacStar and Gallagher as well as our new 3D Radar company, Fortem, represented onboard our market disrupting AI Driven Robotic Active Defense Platform, RCADS® (patent pending), aka Robots in the Sky®.

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