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Strategic Innovation Master Planning for Living Everyday!

The Security Oracle delivers Tip of the Spear Offerings: Introducing Smart Cities made SIMPLE™--Strategic Innovation Master Planning for Living Everyday.

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Introducing PLEAS™ - TSO’s Power Line Early Alert System

PLEAS™ Power Line Early Alert System - goes into action in California November 2018The Security Oracle is now working with utilities to use enhanced approaches to the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of electric systems to proactively and aggressively address and reduce wildfire risk. TSO is delivering solutions that are driving innovation toward complete wildfire detection and wildfire mitigation technology solutions.

Driving Innovation and Improving Resilience of Transmission Assets

The ruggedized high-resolution Day/Starlight Thermal camera with pan-tilt-zoom capability and a tandem remote controlled searchlight that produces a light beam capable of reaching beyond 5,000 feet are integrated via TSO’s artificial intelligence to create a security appliance that offers high voltage lines and constraint areas the following capabilities for advanced transmission network controls and improve grid resiliency:

  • Time-lapsed imaging of transmission and/or distribution right-of-way to improve vegetation management in high-risk zones
  • Delivering a robotic safety appliance proven to be highly effective in detecting and mitigating wildfires
  • Thermal imaging of conductor within the range of the camera for loading and conductor hot spots
  • Thermal fire detection for 360-degree coverage within the 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) distance range of the camera; the searchlight will enhance smoke detection in the dark
  • Detection of human or vehicle activity (while the video analytic engine will ignore nearly all animal movement) within the range of the camera, enhanced by the spotlight in the dark
  • Triggered exception reporting to remote Operation Centers via secure wireless video communications
  • PLEAS™ is an early alert system that detects a wildfire at its very early stages protecting lives and valuable assets

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TSO™ Delivers Actionable Intelligence™ Sensor System Grid Slider™ Sensor System Grid Slider™ is a sensor network system delivering actionable intelligence and reliably detects and localizes the source of gunfire ranging from small handguns to high caliber rifles.™  is designed to cover areas like retail centers, schools, office buildings, campuses, critical infrastructure and storage assets when combined with other sensors and actuators.

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300 Seconds Video - School Security Solutions

Families around the globe awake each morning to a new day and go into the norm of a daily routine, Parents get ready for work as they get their children ready for school. They make sure they are ready and prepared for the day by going through the normal interaction of double checking to see if they forgot anything, what activity they have after school, what time and or who will pick them up, what time they will be home, dinner plans and the list goes on. Although we focus on and emphasize our children's safety and wellbeing, we take their safety at school for granted. With all the rules and safety regulations in place we figure all is good. But what we are totally unaware of is something happened to a fellow student that has pushed him beyond a breaking point and over the edge and is now developing a plan of death and destruction in the course of his day. You're packing a lunch--he’s loading a magazine, you get your books into your back pack -- he’s loading up weapons. Doesn’t make sense….doesn’t have to…. but it does to him. All hurry off to go about their daily schedule to arrive on time with at best an “I love you” or “have a great day” ...not realizing a disturbed person is about to end it for as many as possible--maybe ending his own life as well.

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