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The Security Oracle Inc.’s Artificial Intelligence Security Appliance is a Game-Changer for Grid Resilience

The Security Oracle Inc.’s Artificial Intelligence Security Appliance is a Game-Changer for Grid Resilience

Teaming with Bosch Security Systems, Inc., Gallagher Security and LRAD Corporation, The Security Oracle Inc. (TSO) promotes defense-in-depth best practices for protecting critical assets and transforms physical security from passive detection to real-time situational awareness and accelerated response to demobilize intruders with non-lethal actuators, i.e. directed high intensity sound, lights, and strobes.

TSO’s disruptive robotic solution, Remotely Controlled Active Defense and Denial System (RCADS®) and Robots in the Sky® empower organizations to dynamically reconfigure access control and emergency communications systems to adapt to new security threats in sub-second response time and address all applicable NERC CIP regulatory physical security requirements.

TSO’s RCADS® includes a scalable exterior and interior gunshot detection system that can pinpoint location(s) within a defined radius, number of shots fired, bullet trajectories and calibers of weapons used in single or multiple simultaneous gunshot incidents; and discriminate false reports from real gunshot incidents to provide real-time actionable intelligence for law enforcement to respond accordingly.

TSO supports clients through specialized consulting services--guiding customers through the implementation process, communicating with those involved in risk management, asset planning, and physical security to ensure that implementation is completed and any issues are resolved so client can be successful utilizing the integrated solution.

TSO will train physical security operators in system set up, administration, event escalation, logging and maintenance to ensure software integrity and authenticity. Strengthens the security posture of power utilities through collaborative documentation efforts, procurement acceptance testing—defense-in-breadth and compliance with NERC CIP-013-1 Supply Chain Security.

TSO’s RCADS® significantly enhances our clients’ capabilities for risk management by providing them with the tools and capabilities to identify, assess and prioritize, develop response plans, monitor and report risk; enabling asset owners to achieve success beyond their expectations while achieving security beyond compliance with NERC CIP and NEI 08-09 Revision 6 regulatory requirements.

This best of breed integrated solution reinforces reliable operations of critical assets while reducing the cost of labor-intensive processes—making security investment resilient.

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